Mosto Parzialmente Fermentato
Arneis 100%
Harvest period
2nd - 3rd decade of September, manual harvest in boxes.
Storage grapes in boxes in a temperature cold storage (next to 2 ° C) and humidity controlled for a stay of 15-20 days; stemming and cold maceration of the crushed grapes in the tank fridge for 18-24h at about 10 ° C; pressing and short stay in the tank the fridge to clean wine must, fermentation takes place at a temperature of 12 ° - 13 ° C for about 8-10 days.
Must in fermentation of straw-yellow color (depending on the vintage golden yellow too) with greenish reflections; The bouquet is very intense and persistent with hints of citrus, white flowers and honey; in the mouth the wine is sweet, fragrant and delicately aromatic
In kitchen
Recommended as a meal, it goes well with both sweet and cheeses.
Service temperature