When the vineyard makes wine


The taste and the fragrance of nature.
Soil, Sun, weather, moon phases, seasons, long times of nature:
the only ingredients of an ever-changing wine, from year to year.

A few vineyards, 50 shades of wine

The fragrance of grapes, the taste of the cellar.

When nature gives the best of himself in the vineyards, then it's up to us, with wise gestures carried out in the dark cellars to transform the grapes in wines we dreamed. So many flavours and so many perfumes to create, as many as is large our imagination.

In our vineyards are the typical varietals of the Langa and Roero: Arneis, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto and Moscato.
With these extraordinary grapes, we have been able, in some cases, to give another personal interpretation to the wine.

This is the case of Nebbiolo. With this exceptional grapes we can produce 4 totally different wines. They have, however, the same array of elegance and complexity that we would find on our tables in every single glass of wine.

How we re-invent the grapes, making wine products always "traditionally-unique"? Innovation from tradition, by Nature first.
According to the climatic trend, year by year, you could find all the products in our range or you do not find some.
We are very demanding in terms of quality donated to us by nature, we could not do otherwise than to be equally demanding in getting great wines.



of vineyards







Conventional, organic, biodynamic or what?

When the true nature of a wine is not only to follow an official product specification datasheet.

When the true nature of wine-making lies not only in cellar-techniques but also in correctly interpreting of the harvest year in all it's shadows.
Conventional, organic, biodynamic: three words, three ways to do viticulture. Yet all three very valid. But which one to use?
Our company has decided to not become certified as organic or biodynamic company. We do not follow blindly, without any personal thoughts.
There are positives and negatives in all three viticulture philosophies.

We try to do viticulture using all the best that offer the various methods.
There may be years when, only through good agricultural practices, you get to obtain an excellent product in the vineyard, as years in which, if you do not employ the use of conventional agriculture, you risk getting low-quality grapes or worse to not harvest!

Our craftsmanship, our attention to details and our desire to work with the Nature are the basis of our grapes, and, no doubt, at the basis of our wines.

And Vignevolute wants to be dynamic, versatile, and never forget what was the reason of his birth: be innovative, research the evolution from tradition.

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